Lonoke hosts swim clinic with Olympic medalist

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Tanner Canamore of Lonoke was selected to participate in a private swim clinic with Olympic Silver Medalist Nick Thoman. Canamore asked Makenzie and Tristan Bennett to participate. Pictured are Makenzie Bennett, Tristan Bennett, Thoman and Canamore.
Lonoke SharkRockets 12-and-over swimmers participating in the swim clinic with Nick Thoman were, front row from left, Kayla McGee, Emily Armstrong, Baileigh Dulaney, JJ Webster, Makenzie Bennett, Nash Tipton; middle, Tanner Edwards, Casey Long, Jimmy Evans, Cassidy Roland, Colby Hartley, Tristan Bennett, Hannah Hartley; back, Jacob Morgan, Colton Tidwell, Nick Thoman and Tanner Canamore

The Fitter and Faster Swim Clinic was held at the Lonoke Community Center on Sept. 7 and 8.

Olympic swimmer Nick Thoman conducted the clinic. Thoman won a silver in the 100-meter backstroke and was a member of the gold medal medley relay team in the 2012 Olympics in London.

Swimmers were instructed in the proper technique in the swim strokes. During the two-day clinic 75 swimmers from across the state participated. One swimmer along with two friends were selected to participate in a private 30-minute clinic with Thoman. Tanner Canamore from Lonoke was selected and invited Makenzie and Tristan Bennett to participate with him.

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