Local show rabbitry wins big

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Submitted photo Grace Kenzel of Lonoke and her rabbits receive a number of awards during a competition on Saturday.

Grace Kenzel, 13, and her leg-eared partners participated in an all-day competition on Saturday in Huntsville, Ala.

During the competition on Saturday, Kenzel participated in two shows, Show A and Show B. She won numerous awards showing her Silver Marten, a black rabbit, Californian rabbits, white rabbits and Holland lop rabbits.

Kenzel won Best of Breed in the Silver Marten rabbit class in show A and B and Best of Breed in the Californian class both show A and Show B. She walked away with second runner up Best in Show overall with her Silver Marten junior buck in Show A, first runner up Best in Show overall with her Californian 6/8 doe in Show A and also won first runner up best in show overall with her 6/8 doe in show B.

Other awards she received included first place junior holland lop doe show A and Show B and first place junior holland lop buck show A and Show B, winning three trophies, four rosettes, and two medallions.

Kenzel is in the Wild Hog 4-H Club and is also an active member of the National Silver Marten Rabbit Club. In 2012, she finished 1st in the nation showing her Silver Marten rabbits. Her rabbitry name is Cd’s Lil’ Lagomorph’s Rabbitry.

She is the daughter of Neil and Christy Kenzel of Lonoke.

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