Century League art contest winners

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Fifth grade first place: Courtney Thompson.
All photos submitted Fifth grade: 2nd - Alyssa Hearon, 3rd - Dillan Gaines, honorable mention - Matthew Sumner.
First Grade: 1st - Joshua Williams, 2nd - Trinitee Nellan, 3rd - Cameron Wheat, honorable mention - Josie Lewis.
Fourth Grade: 1st - Anthony Parks, 2nd - Chandler Williams, 3rd - Josie Roark, honorable mention - Amy Morgan.
Second Grade: 1st - Jade Brown, 2nd - Nikya Sabbs, 3rd - Bailey Winstead, honorable mention - Jakiya Shepherd.
Third Grade: 1st - Jakyla Pitts, 2nd - William Coffee, 3rd - Kinzley Mallard, honorable mention - Laura Stewart.

The Century League of Lonoke recently held an art contest for students in grade kindergarten through fifth grame.

The first-place winners of each grade were entered in the Arkansas State Art Contest. Those entries will be judged at a later date.

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