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‘CORE’ Program

Lonoke Public Schools is excited to start a new partnership with two local school districts, Carlisle and Hazen, for the upcoming 2013-14 school year. This partnership involves creating a new learning environment for our students that focuses on increasing individual skills and performance for all students in an alternative learning environment setting.

This new environment will be called the “CORE” program which will be housed on the Lonoke campus. CORE stands for “Committed to Other Routes of Education.” Students will be admitted to the CORE program if they meet the entry criteria. The criterion is based on many factors. A team of educators will be reviewing documentation as well as meeting with individual students and parents/guardians to help in assisting placement in the program.

CORE is designed to provide support for students that are academically behind grade level and/or that may have behavioral, social or emotional needs that can be better met in a smaller group setting and atmosphere. CORE is based on positive but structured interventions that are non-punitive and conducive to individual learning. The program will be staffed with certified and highly-qualified teachers representing a vast array of licensure abilities to assist in the varying learning styles and levels of these students. An administrator will be on campus each day as well as a director who will monitor and assist in the operation of the program. Personnel from the each district will also be involved in the decisions of the program.

Students will attend school at the Carver Campus, the former Lonoke Middle School campus. Students will be immersed in a blended learning model with opportunities that include technology, career, project-based and direct instruction as well as services from outside sources to help in providing support for student success. Students from the neighboring school districts will be transported by their district-owned school buses. These students will still remain members of their home districts, but attend classes on the Lonoke campus.

Questions regarding our new program for August 2013, and the application process can be sent to Cindy O’Riley at or phone 501-676-7096.

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