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Charlie Cooper's Oaklawn picks for races on Sunday, Feb. 23

The Morning Line​

Oaklawn Park   Sunday, February 23, 2014

Handicapper Charlie Cooper


     Saturday              Meet

Winners on Top



Winners in Top 4 Selections



Exactas in Top 4 Selections



Trifectas in Top 4 Selections





Best Bet: Race 2 Adonica 20-6-5-3 ​Best Longshot:Race 8 Z Rockstar 23-2-1-3


No.​Horse                      ​Jockey​Comments for Top 4​Odds​

Race 1: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $17,500; Fillies and Mares; 4 YO and Up

8​Beautiful Rainbows​Loveberry​22 time winningArky bred loves distance​  5-2

5​Diamond Creek​Arroyo​Missed a check once​  7-2

2​Proud Mandy​Martinez​On the improve​12-1

3​Hatter Nu Nu​Birzer​Much better than last two starts​12-1

7​Stormin K​McKee​  3-1

4​Future Prize​Santana​  6-1

1​Good Night​Mello​  9-2

6​Suave Affair​Robletto​15-1

Race 2: 1 Mile; Starter Allowance; Purse $22,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

1​Adonica​Quinonez​Should smoke these​  2-1

3​Georgette Fortune​Torres​Closes for the cold exacta​  4-1

6​Miss My Rosie​Martinez​On the board 3 of 4 dirt starts​  9-2

4​Deal I’m In​Thompson​The one to catch​  3-1

5​It’snotyouit’sme​Berry​  4-1

2​Motion in Potion​Birzer​10-1


Race 3: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $17,500; 4 YO and Up

5​Grand Sensation​Santana​12 time winner loves track and distance​  7-2

4​Pocket Medal​Mello​Steady money maker goes for 2 wins in a row​  3-1

3​Thatlleaveamark​Birzer​Much the best last out​  5-2

8​The Flying Whizzer​Tohill​Wins at 33% clip this distance​12-1


7​Muazzaz​Homeister​  4-1



Race 4: 1 1 /16 Mile; Claiming; Purse $26,500; 4 YO and Up

5​Proceed Bee​Emigh​Needed last, rolls today​  9-2

7​Acaffella​Mello​Drops to lowest level ever​  2-1

2​Omniscient​Santana​Had prep, adds three useful works​  4-1

4​Flyin Trey​Arroyo​Off the board once this distance​  6-1

1​Tensaw​Tohill​  5-1

6​My Silver Bear​Ocampo​  6-1

3​Covert Ops​Court​  8-1


Race 5: 1 Mile; Claiming; Purse $17,700; 3 YO and Up

3​Shut Down Corner​Hill​No excuses this level​  8-1

10​I Am Awesome​Loveberry​By far leading money winner of field​  6-1

8​Visionary Man​Santana​Shows bullet for Oaklawn debut​  3-1

7​Goodnight Diva​Thompson​Claimed after easy win​  5-1

9​My Tip​Arroyo​  4-1

4​Tonight At Noon​Mello​  9-2


1​Savage Vow​Castanon​15-1

6​Mizzen Maze​Walker​30-1

11​Commander Sport​Tohill​15-1

2​Whistlin Sam​Court​20-1


Race 6: 6 Furlongs; Waiver Claiming; Purse $30,000;Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

5​Send an Angel​Thompson​Missed a check once, rolls to easy victory again​  7-5

3​Graceful Rage​Kuntzweiler​Needed last, rolls late for the exacta​10-1

6​Jury Wise​Torres​Back to better level​  8-1

2​Devil’s Blush​Martinez​Back sprinting and on dirt​  4-1

8​Kopper Kitty​Tohill​  8-1

4​Distinctly Mine​Arroyo​  5-1


7​Added Silver​Joubert​20-1

1​Perfect Setting​Quinonez​12-1


Race 7: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $18,500; 3 YO and Up

12​Deadly Card​Martinez​Leading money winner this distance​12-1

2​Value Trap​Castanon​The one to catch?​  ​  4-1

8​Venture Exchange​Torres​Needed last, could upset today​ ​12-1

4​Corporate Charlie​Loveberry​Should have won last​12-1

10​Smokey Deputy​Mello​  6-1

5​On the Inside​Santana​  5-1

3​Salt Free​Hill​  9-2

9​Ad Sparkle​Quinonez​20-1

11​Ecleto Red​Qinoneez​15-1​

7​Imperial Crown​Arroyo​  8-1


6​Celina Diamond​Birzer​10-1


Race 8: 1 1/16 Mile; Optional Claiming; Purse $59,500; 4YO and Up

4​Z Rockstar​Quinonez​Ran career best at Oaklawn, rolls today​10-1

2​Donoharm​Berry​Wins at 33% clip this distance, won stakes here​  9-5

5​Golden Ron​Court​Had prep, live today​  9-2

6​Depeche Chat​Castanon​Off the board twice on dirt, had prep​  5-1

8​Dreams Cut Short​Birzer​12-1

3​Big Town​Borel​  5-1

1​Flashy Sunrise​Santana​  4-1

7​Saturday Launch​Homeister​30-1


Race 9: 5½ Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $22,000; 3YO and Up

6​Bo’s Shoes​Court​Wire to wire​  5-1

7​Naughty Moon​Birzer​Can win with better trip​  7-2

9​Our Red Rider​Navarro​Speed and fade last out, adds 2 useful works​  9-2​

2​Dramatic Brassy​Mello​Finds soft field for debut​ ​  8-1

10​Hickory​Grove​Loveberry​  6-1

1​Seventy West​Arroyo​  4-1

3​Razorback Red​Santana​10-1


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