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Charlie Cooper’s Oaklawn Morning Line for 02-23-13

Winners on Top: 1/9 (Friday); 48/227 (Meet)

Winners in Top 4 Selections: 6/9 (Friday); 158/227 (Meet)

Exactas in Top 4 Selections: 2/9 (Friday); 91/227 (Meet)

Trifectas in Top 4 Selections: 2/9 (Friday); 52/227 (Meet)

Best Bet: 20-5-3-3 Race 5 Vuitton

Best Longshot: 22-3-6-6 Race 6 Gratitat

Race 1: 1 1/16 Mi; Starter Allowance; Purse $20,000; 4 YO and Up

2-Francois; Borel; Has faced tougher; 4-1

10-Runaway Pepper; Birzer; Goes for third win in a row; 5-2

8-Well’s Gold; Berry; The one to catch?; 4-1

6-Shamroge; Canchari; Back to best distance; 8-1

4-Biker Boy; Ocampo; 9-2

5-Big Tall Paul; Wade; 15-1

7-Flattermejim; Quinonez; 10-1

9-He’s Dangerous; Johnson; 12-1

1-Halo’s Thunder; Bell; 30-1

3-One More Week; Escobar; 30-1

Race 2: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming: Purse $19,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

8-Paid Vacation; Quinonez; Drop may be the key; 4-1

5-Tap All Night; Lebron; Good works for first dirt try; 3-1

1-Waytogo Trish; Albarado; Well bet vs. tougher; 7-2

2-No Not Angela; Birzer; Could fly by them all later; 8-1

3-Stormy Commandress; Ocampo; 9-2

4-Alphabet Bling; Berry; 9-2

6-Passthequeenscrown; Canchari; 12-1

7-Agoodnewyearsparty; Corbett; 15-1

Race 3: 6 Furlongs; Starter Allowance; Purse $28,000; 3 YO and Up

1-Deadly Card; Bell; Needed last, dangerous today; 7-2

4-You’re Joking; Albarado; On the improve; 5-2

7-Schoene Franzel; Birzer; Missed a check for first time last out; 6-1

1a-I Am the Sheriff; Bell; Part of tough entry; 7-2

2-Unbridled Venture; Berry; 10-1

3-Bridge of Allan; Martin; 3-1

6-Grand Rapids; Santana; 8-1

5-Louie the Lip; Ocampo; 5-1

Race 4: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $15,500; 3 YO and Up

7-Truman’s Commander; Borel; Drops in to win; 3-1

12-Saratoga Red; Canchari; Completes the exacta; 8-1

3-The Steel Warrior; Mello; Showed improvement second race back; 4-1

4-Flying Bob John; Santana; Adds useful work; 5-1

5-Dr. Bill; Homeister; 9-2

11-Hard Nosed; Ocampo; 20-1

1-All Chromed Out; Franklin; 20-1

6-Dakota Smokey; Teator; 20-1

2-Sharp Albert; Albarado; 10-1

10-Lead; Laviolette; 20-1

8-Red Spirit; Wade; 15-1

9-Gone Cowboy; Quinonez; 20-1

Race 5: 6 Furlongs; Allowance; Purse $55,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

5-Vuitton; Santana; Second to good horse; 3-1

2-Bid a Moon; Birzer; Game both Oaklawn starts; 4-1

1-Lasting Bubbles; Quinonez; Missed a check one; 12-1

3-Behavioral; Berry; Runs well fresh; 5-2

6-Brilliant Autumn; Albarado; 2-1

7-Speights’ Colony; Canchari; 20-1

4-Cool it Boys; Ocampo; 12-1

Race 6: 1 Mi; Claiming; Purse $15,500; 4 YO and Up

3-Gratitat; Albarado; Switches to top rider; 9-2

8-Grant Jack; Berry; Drops to lowest level ever; 3-1

5-Tapativity; Martin; Back to better level; 15-1

4-Dark Ruler; Laviolette; Returns quickly after good try; 7-2

10-Alarming Afleet; Wade; 8-1

6-Wild for Glory; Mello; 8-1

7-Nolan’s Revenge; Quinonez; 10-1

1-Train Heist; Corbett; 5-1

2-Run Over Me Rade; Santana; 12-1

9-Lookintogetout; Quinonez; 20-1

Race 7: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $26,000; 3 YO and Up

3-Cane Garden Bay; Birzer; Better than last try; 2-1

4-Carol’s Jimmy; Albarado; First time for sale; 8-1

8-Wagson; Quinonez; Ran career best last out; 9-5

1-He Has Bling; Corbett; Speed from the inside; 10-1

2-Strategic Player; McKee; 12-1

7-Argumental; Lebron; 10-1

1a-Excess Bling; Berry; 10-1

6-Zarby’s Derby Day; Santana; 5-1

5-Seeking the Reward; Laviolette; 20-1

Race 8: 6 Furlongs; DOWNTHEDUSTYROAD Stakes; Purse $60,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

2-All About Allie; Berry; No excuses today; 8-5

7-Bikini Bella; Albarado; In top form; 9-5

3-Hatter Nu Nu; Santana; Goes for fourth win in five starts; 3-1

5-Ide St. Molly; Laviolette; Needed last while having trouble; 6-1

4-Bag the Storm; Canchari; 20-1

6-Kathleen; Quinonez; 15-1

1-Awesome Truth; Loveberry; 30-1

Race 9: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Special Weight; Purse $53,000; 3 YO

5-Royal Dehere; Berry; Graduation day; 5-2

1-Midnight Music; Lebron; Trouble in debut, adds bullet; 6-1

9-Egyptian Warrior; Santana; On the improve; 3-1

6-Fight the Power; Albarado; Just missed in debut, adds 2 useful works; 5-1

8-Hey Leroy; Quinonez; 12-1

3-Tonkawa; Franklin; 12-1

2-No Distinction; Martin; 6-1

4-Pegasus’ Boy; Homeister; 20-1

10-Denali Thunder; Mello; 20-1

7-Mallard’s Bro; Canchari; 20-1

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