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From the Mayor’s desk: A time for celebration

The most wonderful day of the year. This is the way Christmas is described. It is the day of the year we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is the time of the year when families gather to enjoy the many blessings God has given us.

The one blessing we should be thankful for is that we live in the town of Carlisle. Carlisle is a special place for many reasons.

The people of Carlisle are so friendly and helpful. Many, many times I have been told by residents of other towns, “When there is a need you can always count on Carlisle to be there to help.” This is a great compliment and says a lot about our citizens.

There are many other things we are blessed with. One thing is our school. We have a wonderful school system that teaches our children to be good citizens and always do the right thing.

We have a very low crime rate in our town because of the hard work of our Police Department. This past year, the good people of our town voted to build a beautiful new Police and Court Building, to give our judge and officers a first-class place to conduct business.

We should be thankful for our new Fire Station. The new building provides a place for our fire fighters to work and train. The safe-room provides a place of safety for Carlisle residents when threatening weather is near.

Everyone should be proud of the new Civic Center. The center is full of activity and is the envy of towns around us.

We are very thankful for our senior citizens and aware of their needs.

The new Sr. Citizens Center provides a wonderful place for them to meet, have a meal and enjoy visiting with one another.

The young people are the future of our town. We are charged with providing a town for them to grow up and enjoy their early years.

We are so thankful for our park system. Parks Director Ronnie Ashmore does an excellent job of providing the kids with many hours of fun and countless memories of their days at the park. The parks are used by many other groups. We are blessed with beautiful parks.

I would also like to mention our wonderful churches, hardworking merchants, civic clubs and all the people who donate time to make our town even better.

I am proud to say because of all the above and much, much more, the Arkansas Business Magazine nominated Carlisle, Arkansas as a “City of Distinction”, and have named Carlisle, Arkansas as the “Quality of Life” winner for the state of Arkansas. This is a huge honor and a very prestigious award for the people of Carlisle. This is a reason we can all be very, very proud.

Vickie and I are so proud to say we are citizens of this great city. I hope you all feel the same way.

God gave us a great blessing by allowing us to live in Carlisle. We should be good stewards of our town by keeping it clean and well kept.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”.

Vickie and I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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