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From the Mayor’s Desk: Looking back at 2012

2012 was a very good year for the City of Carlisle and its citizens. Your City Council started and completed several projects. We continue to push Carlisle forward. Everyone is so proud of the new city streets. It is nice to drive around town and not have to dodge pot holes. We were also able to pave several gravel streets in our city limits. Everybody now has nice paved streets in front of their home. The city has plans to do additional paving this spring.

We are now in the process of building a new police and court building. The location has now been cleared where the new structure will be built. The city was able to enlist the services of the Tucker Unit Maintenance Crew to clean the site. This saved the city $15,000. Construction on the new building will begin after the first of the year.

The new Fire Station was opened this year and is a building that is very impressive. The structure houses a safe-room that our citizens can use during inclement weather. These three projects show the vision and commitment we have for the people of our city. Our number one concern is the safety and protection of our citizens.

We continue to make improvements to our parks. The new stage located at the park downtown is a great addition and was sorely needed. The stage adds beauty and convenience for our activities held at the park. We are working on our ball fields and the old gym in order to improve their appearance. We ask the parents to urge your kids to help keep the parks clean.

The Carlisle Municipal Airport continues to grow. The Airport Commission is working to make our airport into a special place. There are now 33 planes on the grounds.

The Economic Development Board is working hard to prepare for visits from potential industry that might locate in Carlisle. The Board has plans to honor our existing businesses with a banquet in January.

The Bobby L. Glover Highway was completed and dedicated this year. The highway is a great addition to our city. The road adds a modern look to our exit. The council voted to rezone the south end of the highway commercial. Hopefully, we will be able to attract new businesses to the west side of town.

The Carlisle Civic Center is very busy with people using the building for all kinds of activities. Businesses, organizations, school groups and many other individuals use and comment on what a wonderful complex we have. The Civic Center is a very beautiful building. All of Carlisle should be proud of our Civic Center.

Priorities for the coming year will be clean water and good sewer service. The Council will be looking to modernize our services with smart water meters and upgrade our water and sewer plants. Smart water meters will be meters that will be monitored by satellite. This will help us control the amount of water that is used in real time. The system will eliminate high water bills caused by leaking commodes or other water leaks. This system will alert us when water has been running continuously for 24 hours.

We continue to ask our citizens to keep your property clean. Code Enforcement Officers, Robin Rountree and Brent Doney, are working diligently to ensure that our town looks its best. Please mow your grass, rake your leaves and if you have old worn-out buildings or houses, please have them removed to help us keep Carlisle a place that we can be proud to say is our hometown. Your city council and I are determined to keep Carlisle moving forward.

I would like to thank several people who have recently given to our community in special ways. Wes and Ruth Woods purchased a beautiful new Christmas tree which has been placed in the gazebo at the city park for everyone to enjoy. Jane Ann Harper, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, “freshened” our silk poinsettias with silk floral spray before they were placed in the flower pots on Main Street. Melodie Hardke provided bedding for the dogs being kept at the animal shelter. Faye Lynn Yarnell and Pauline Parker donated money to help provide bananas and apples for the prisoners’ lunches while they were tearing down the old city hall. The kindnesses each of these individuals have shown are examples of what makes Carlisle such a special community in which to live.

Vickie and I would like to thank everyone for your support and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and Happy New Year!

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