Heritage League ‘Angel Tree’ now at Medsker Pharmacy

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Carlisle Heritage league members Kristi Edge and Angie Alberson hang angels on the community angel tree on Monday morning. The tree is located at Medskers Pharmacy. (Photo by Allison Goodman)

The Carlisle Heritage League is sponsoring the Angle Tree again this holiday season, in hopes to make wishes come true for children within the community.

Paper angels are spaced evenly throughout a small Christmas tree on at Medsker Pharmacy. The Angel Tree is a Christmas tree with Angels on it. The angels contain Christmas needs and wishes of needy children in Carlisle community. The Angel Tree club project came about over 10 years ago, after members saw a need for one in the community.

Club member Barbara Phillips said the names of the children are given to the club by the Lonoke County Department of Health office She said the community angel tree is separate from the schools.

The community is asked by the Heritage League to choose an angel from the Christmas tree at Medsker Pharmacy. When an angel is chosen, please write your name and the number of your angel on the sign up sheet in the store. Be sure to take that angel with you to purchase Christmas gifts for that child from their with list on the angel.

The angels hanging about the tree are filled with clothing and shoe size, as well as sex and age of each child. The children’s wishes range from clothing and shoes; to toys, dolls, and Nintendo games.

Phillips said there is no minimum or maximum purchase amount for each child. She said the club leaves that decision for the individuals to decide.

After gifts are purchased, Phillips said that the items should not be wrapped, but rather be placed into a bag or box with the angel attached. She said by not wrapping the gifts, that the club members are better able to screen what gifts the children receive, to make sure that there is not anything inappropriate being given to the children.

Gifts will be collected by club member, Tiffany Ingle at BancorpSouth Bank located at 118 North Court Street in Carlisle. All gifts should be turned in to the location by noon. on Dec. 19. Club members will pick the gifts up and distribute them to the parents of the children.

The Heritage League urges the community to be responsive to the needs of the children of Carlisle during this holiday season, for without the help of the community, some of the children may not have their wishes come true. This may be the only Christmas some of them have.

For more information, call Barbara Phillips at 870-552-3460 or Peggy Holmes at 87-255-3060.

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