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Class of 1993’s Prediction for their 20-Year Reunion

Class of 1993 Homecoming Queen and Captain, Shelly Loretz and Brad Smith
Class of 1993 Homecoming Queen and Captain, Shelly Loretz and Brad Smith

When the Class of 1993 graduated from Carlisle High School, they wrote a letter to Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman telling her about 10 ten-year reunion taking place on May 15, 2003. This letter was their prediction of what was going to take place over the next ten years and concluded by inviting her to their 20-year reunion in 2013. When this class finally comes together to fulfill that 20-year prophecy, it will probably be a bittersweet time for them as they celebrate seeing old friends and remember those who aren’t with them anymore. Through the certain laughs and tears, here’s their letter to Mrs. Zimmerman:

“Dear Mrs. Zim,

Our ten year reunion was quite an experience. It was wonderful to see everyone and interesting to see how their lives have changed. Everyone fully enjoyed themselves at Cody’s million dollar ranch in San Antonio. Entertainment was provided by Bryan Sullivan’s band “The Brain”. We all were attentive as we listened to an excerpt from Sandi Johnson’s best selling thriller “Slippery Grease”.

We thought we would let you know what everyone is doing.

Brad Meredith is playing for the Chicago Bulls. He is now outscoring Michael Jordan. As you know, Greg Taylor replaced Coach Vest as baseball coach, and Greg Fowler is now teaching science for the departed Mr. Kittler.

Unfortunately, Yancey Kelly and Clark Perkins were not at the reunion because they had fled to Mexico after Pulitzer Prize winner Tammy Veazey uncovered their mob operation in New York City.

Twanna Thomas is now serving time for beating her English students who used the word ain’t.

Riconna Reddix and Brian Martin are living high on the hog after they each won $10 million from Ed McMahon. Michelle Uhiren is married with 12 bratty kids. Her modeling career didn’t happen because she had a giant eating spree! Jennifer Snyder now owns her own pharmacy across the street from Crystal McCallie’s pet grooming shop. Barret Palsa and Shawna Jennings are happily married with six youngsters. Chasity Scroggins is coaching a girls basketball team and stresses that “attitude is everything” to her girls. Brad Smith and David Ward were last seen boarding a jet to Sweden with twins Shanice and Shanaynay.

David Batchelor and Brian Lenderman are now proudly serving their country in the military and heroically took care of Sadam Hussein. Clevon Allen and Mable Abston have expanded Fatty’s and have a chain of dance clubs across the country. Wendy Sumner finally married Shane and now has four kids. She is an accountant for a huge firm in Miami. Shelly Loretz finally declared a major after realizing she couldn’t get a job at Mayflower.

Exchange students Marika and Katie are living happily in their native homelands.

Upon entering San Antonio for the reunion, Tameka Pearson was walking through the gates of Cody’s ranch and was blown away in a dust storm. We finally found her ten miles away in a tree.

Shey Reed now holds a management position at Mayflower, and Darla Mackey is now a world renowned opera singer. Becky Ferguson replaced Cindy Crawford and has her own video workout tap. William Moody is now touring around the world with the Chippendale Dancers.

Todd Miles has replaced the Marlboro Man and now lives in North Dakota on his own dude ranch. Jason White, a famous duck guide, took Winthrop Paul Rockefeller hunting and has been lost in the Bayou Meto Game Reserve. Sources have led us to believe he has kidnapped him and is waiting for his million dollar ransom.

Andy Petrus, a trucking magnet, found Elvis and is in seclusion for eternity. Todd graciously invited us all out to North Dakota for the next reunion in ten years. Hope all is well in Carlisle. Take Care! Love, The Class of ‘93.”

Please join the Carlisle High School Alumni Association in welcoming the Class of 1993 back for its 20th anniversary during homecoming weekend. Members of the class will have their commemorative “20 Year” ribbon proudly displayed on their name tags during the weekend. Be sure to visit the Museum of Carlisle History to view their memorabilia display.

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