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Benchmark exams – parents can help

Carlisle students will take Arkansas State Benchmark exams begin Monday, April 8, and continue through the week. Parents are encouraged to postpone appointments and avoid student absences, according to Carol Hauk, instructional facilitator.

Students in grades 3-8 will be tested on their skills in language arts, math and science.

Parents need to demonstrate to their students that performance on the tests matter and encourage them to do their very best, Hauk said.

“Students need to get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast each day to enhance their ability to concentrate,” she said. “Be sure that all electronic devices and televisions are not on late at night in the student’s room.

“Remind your students to read carefully and think each through each question and then answer to the best of their ability.”

Hauk said on the writing portion of the tests that the student needs to read through what they have written after they have written it.

“Often students leave out words or do not write clearly enough for someone else to read,” she said. “If they proof read it themselves, they can clarify what they want to say.”

Hauk said parents also need to caution their students not to stress over the tests but to give it their best effort.

“These scores are part of the students’ school record and should be an accurate reflection of what they have learned,” she said. “They are often used to determine appropriate placement in classes in years to come.”

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