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Ending position for bent over row with Laura Salcedo at Cross Fit Mountain’s Edge. (Michael Quine/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Personal Trainer - In tennis, powerful swings start with a strong back

Apr 21, 2014 6:00am

I like training sports athletes. It’s fun to create a program for people with sport-specific performance as their goal. It’s a diversion from my usual efforts to make a male athlete “buff” or a...

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HIPPY holds October, November group meeting

Dec 12, 2013 9:32am

Carlisle Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) was held Oct. 21 at the old Carlisle band room.

The theme for the meeting was Fall. Lynnette Ward from the Carlisle...

Progressive Club hears about Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance

Dec 12, 2013 9:32am

The Carlisle Progressive Club met at the home of Margaret Ann Zimmerman on Nov. 13. President Jane Ann Harper presided over the business meeting. Along with other business, the club discussed and...

Trainer Laura Salcedo demonstrates the starting position for the jumping pull-up exercise. (Justin Yurkanin/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Personal Trainer - Jumping adds to getting the heart pumping

Dec 10, 2013 6:00am

“I came to get down. I came to get down. So get out your seats and jump around!” No joke, “Jump Around” by House of Pain is the ringtone I set for all my clients.

Maybe I have been a trainer...

Mary Papenfuss

Book Review - ‘Killer Dads’

Updated: Dec 09, 2013 11:20am

Snow White had it pretty bad.

She had an evil stepmother who tried to get some poor schlub to kill Snow, to no avail. Abandonment didn’t work for Hansel and Gretel’s stepmom, either, but it...

Movie Review — ‘Out of the Furnace’

Dec 06, 2013 1:21pm

Shortly after announcing to the world that they’re expecting a baby, a couple of teens are sent to kill each other, as well as a beloved 80-year-old woman and other national heroes, all to...

Heritage league makes donation to elementary school

Dec 05, 2013 9:26am

The Carlisle Heritage League recently made a donation to the Carlisle Elementary School for the new sound system that was installed. Barbara Phillips, left, and Kristi Edge, right, presented the...

Altruistic Club makes hospital gowns for Operation Smile

Dec 05, 2013 9:26am

Fifteen members of the Carlisle Altruistic Club met Nov. 20 at the Hamilton Baptist Church. Cindy Carter served as hostess for the meeting.

This meeting is an annual event for the club....

Trainer Laura Salcedo demonstrates the starting position for the L-Sit exercise. (Justin Yurkanin, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

PERSONAL TRAINER - Put L-sits on list for better strength, stability

Dec 04, 2013 6:22pm

L-Sit is a powerful gymnastic basic. Gymnasts pass through the L-sit a few times during a routine as a transitional movement. It is a demonstration of strength, stability and virtuosity.


Book Review - ‘The Dogs of Christmas’ by W. Bruce Cameron

Dec 02, 2013 8:03pm

This Christmas, you’re giving up a lot.

You’re giving up a corner of your home for a Christmas tree. You’re giving up money to make sure the best gifts are beneath that tree on Christmas...

Trainer Laura Salcedo demonstrates the finishing position for the close grip push-up at Mountains Edge CrossFit in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013. (Justin Yurkanin/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Personal Trainer - Working ‘go’ muscles aids ‘show’ muscles

Nov 29, 2013 4:48pm

Confusing “show muscles” with “go muscles” is a frequent mistake in the fitness culture.

“Show muscles” are everything you can see from the front: abs, chest, biceps and quads (if you don’t...