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Piranhas do well in Saturday’s meet

Savannah Tolbert swims during Saturday’s meet in Sherwood. (Photo by Chad Matchett)
Savannah Tolbert swims during Saturday’s meet in Sherwood. (Photo by Chad Matchett)

The Cabot Piranhas couldn’t beat out the massive Sherwood Sharks in Saturday’s meet, but did put together some strong individual efforts at the Bill Harmon Recreation Center in Sherwood.

As the meet began with the freestyle races, Grant Goodnight kept his winning streak alive by finishing first in the boys 6-under gold division.

Kasey Daugherty got the next win for Cabot in the girls 7-8 Gold in a photo finish. Kendal LeQuieu finished first in the silver race. In the boys 9-10 bronze, Auston Melton won with a silver qualifying time.

The best race of the day came in the 11-12 boys platinum division where Cabot’s Tristan Bowen beat Sherwood’s Joseph Potts 28.97 seconds to 28.98. Jason Bongfeldt won the silver race for that age.

Kyla Genenbacher won the 9-10 girls platinum, while Izzy Dulin took the 11-12 silver. In the 13-14 girls, Caytee Wright won the platinum. Aeriel Lane took first in the 15-18 gold.

Moving to the backstroke races, Cabot had a pair of firsts for the boys 6-under with Connor Hayre winning silver and Gideon Breedlove winning the bronze. In the girls 7-8 races, Carly Madar won gold by two full seconds, while Emmalee Crow won the bronze with a gold time.

Melton picked up another first in the bronze for the 9-10 boys. Bowen easily took first in the 11-12 boys platinum.

The 11-12 girls had a good run with Rachel Sweeney winning platinum, Grace Mackey winning gold and Saylor Bowen winning the bronze with a silver time. In the 13-14 boys, Hunter Carmical took the gold race. Seth Fox won the 15-18 boys platinum.

For the 13-14 girls, Wright won the platinum, with Izzy Franks winning the bronze race. The 15-18 girls saw Jessie Baldwin win platinum and Chelbi Dulin win bronze.

Freestyle relay races broke up the individual races, with Cabot winning the first two - the boys and the girls 8-under relay. Cabot also won the girls 12-under and girls 18-under relays.

Back to individual events with the breaststroke, Goodnight won the platinum for boys 6-under. Maddux Bowen won gold for the 7-8 boys, while Joshua Breedlove won the bronze. Annie Thomas won silver for the girls 6-under, while Madar won gold and Crow silver for the 7-8 girls.

Seth Johnson won silver with a gold time for the 9-10 boys. Jason Bongfeldt won platinum for the 11-12 boys, while sister Jessica Bongfeldt won platinum for the 9-10 girls. Genenbacher won gold for the 9-10 girls.

The 11-12 girls saw Rachel Montanaro win platinum, Mackey win silver and Bowen win bronze. Franks won bronze for the 13-14 girls, while Baldwin took platinum in the 15-18 age.

In the butterfly races, Elizabeth Esteban won the bronze for the 6-under girls. Madar won platinum for the 7-8 girls with a good time, while LeQuieu won the silver. The Bongfeldts won two more with Jason taking the bronze for the 11-12s and Jessica winning the 9-10 gold. Genenbacher won the 9-10 platinum again, while Sarah Breedlove won the silver.

Sweeney won gold for the 11-12 girls, while Payton Jones won the gold for the 15-18 boys. Wright picked up another gold win for the 13-14 girls. Baldwin took the gold for the 15-18 boys.

Nearing the end of the meet, Bowen got a first in the bronze of the 6-under boys IM race. Ozbourne Melton won the 9-10 boys bronze, while Tristen Bowen won the 11-12 boys platinum with Tyce Wright winning bronze. Andrew Hupp won the boys 15-18 gold.

In the girls IM, Grace Esteban won the 7-8 silver. Bongfeldt won the 9-10 gold, with Montanaro winning 11-12 gold. Wright had the top 13-14 platinum time. Baldwin won the 15-18 platinum, while Lane won the gold.

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