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It’s all about the kids


Cabot Panther Foundation on Friday doubled the support it gives the Arkansas Rice Depot with the second $2,400 check given in a month. Foundation member Joey York said learning the number of students in Cabot School District who must deal with food insecurity is “staggering.” The funds are to support the food given students to tide them over weekends when they do not eat at school. “It is hard to believe there are so many,” with about 10 percent of the Central Elementary students being helped over the weekends. “If some kids do not eat at school, they might not eat at home. This is the most satisfying thing that we have done, and we are going to do more,” he remarked. From left, Rice Depot community coordinator Brandi Johnston; Panther Foundation member Don Grisham; Central Elementary principal Sherri Jennings; school nurse Amanda Kincade; counselor Jacque Howard; and York. (Photo by Ed Galucki)

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