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Get up, go to class – and say ‘Thank You’

Nearly 100 seniors crowded into the Cabot High School Loft to hear the good news Monday of scholarships they have been chosen to receive. This class, the same as others, also received an admonition formerly delivered by longtime CPF member Carolyn Park – now delivered by CPF member John C. Thompson.

“Make sure you go to class,” Thompson said in his remarks. “Mom’s always got us up; Dad’s always got us up. But now, when you go to college, it’s going to up to your cell phone to wake you up, or set the alarm clock,” Thompson said.

Park, in previous presentations, warned students of the high rate of first year dropouts from college because students did not get to class on their own.

Thompson said that since 1992, CPF has handed out 532 scholarships worth $537,000. Monday’s total is 90 scholarships worth $92,550, he said.

Nearly $22,000 of the total is from school district employees.

Thompson added that one benefit of being on the selection committee is to read the scholarship applications. “It is amazing what each and every one of you do. The grade points you have, the activities you are doing in your community, your school, your churches… the reward of serving on the committee is to watch you all, and what you do in life,” he said.

Other committee members are: Fred Campbell, Mike Verker, Angela Wallace, Nina Butler, Carol Jones, Cal Aldrich and Stephen Tipton.

Principal Henry Hawkins also emphasized the responsibility of each recipient to say “Thank you” to donors and sponsors. Face-to-face if they were at the presentation, and by written notes before graduation.

Recipients are:

Tiffany Tyler: Bank of the Ozarks Scholarship - $500

Hayden Russell: Bob and Annette Utley Scholarship - $1,000

Rebecca Moffett: Bonnie Tipton Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Ashley Weatherly: Cabot AARP Scholarship - $800

Grant Westlake: Cabot Area Home Builders Scholarship - $1,000

Zachary Launius: Cabot Centennial Scholarship - $1,000

Kevin Lucas: Cabot Chamber of Commerce Scholarship - $750

Drew Rea: Cabot Rotary Scholarship I - $1,000

Justice Baker: Cabot Rotary Scholarship II - $1,000

Jamie Dennis: Carolyn Mann Memorial Scholarship I - $1,200

Molly Wood: Carolyn Mann Memorial Scholarship II - $1,200

Samuel Wilson: Centennial Bank Scholarship - $2,000

Jessica McDonough: Charley Templeton Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Colby Ferguson: Chris Robertson Memorial Scholarship - $500

Matthew LeMaster: CHS Class of 1981 Memorial Scholarship - $500

Madison Hart: Dakota Hawkins Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Katelyn Hayes: Daniel Carron Memorial Scholarship - $500

Page LaBrot: Densial Tipton Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Mary Powell: Cabot High School Administration Scholarship - $1,000

Tyler Stone: Don C. “Dude” and Margie Spence Scholarship - $1,000

Cayley McCollough: Dr. Jamie Lynn Gault Memorial Scholarship - $500

Dylan Thompson: Dr. Joe Rochelle Memorial Medical Academy Scholarship - $1,000

Tegan Nicole Cross: Dr. Martha Ray Marshall Scholarship III - $1,000

Jessica Nicole Scott: Dr. Martha Ray Marshall Scholarship IV - $1,000

Karlee Uhiren: Dr. Martha Ray Marshall Scholarship I - $1,000

Madison Walloch: Dr. Martha Ray Marshall Scholarship II - $1,000

Mackenzie Blanchard: Frances Holt Wittenberg Scholarship - $1,000

Alexis Cunningham: J.M. and Carolyn Park Scholarship - $1,000

Spencer Cook: Jake P. and Judy Lowman Scholarship - $1,000

Ralph Tennessee: James D. Frederick Memorial Scholarship - $500

Bailey Hankins: Jason Allan Moore Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Ashley Stephens: Jeraldine Brown Scholarship - $1,000

Miranda Antimo: Junior Auxiliary of Cabot Scholarship - $1,000

Mackenzie Kyzer: Kent and Karen Knight Scholarship - $2,000

Shelby Waller: Kinley Family Scholarship - $1,000

Leia Smith: Lance and Leann Hanshaw Servant-Leader Scholarship - $1,000

Nathan Taylor: Luther and Frances Rea Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

Karli Potratz: Mayor Willie and Gene Ray Scholarship - $1,000

Timothy Keith Pledger: Mike Malham Jr. Scholarship - $1,000

Samantha Crosby: Mu Alpha Theta I Scholarship - $1000

Wade Warren: Mu Alpha Theta II Scholarship - $500

Katelyn Estes: Mu Alpha Theta III Scholarship - $500

Lauren Jones: Mu Alpha Theta IV Scholarship - $1,000

Haeden Waymack: National Honor Society I Scholarship - $1,000

Logan Kiihnl: National Honor Society II Scholarship - $1,000

Raymond Thrush: Nell and Thompson Barnwell Scholarship - $1,300 (annual amount may vary): Lindsey Walker: P. E. O. Sisterhood Chapter DL Scholarship - $1,000

Kaylee Welcher: Pamela Roberts-Smith Scholarship - $1,000

Morgan Newton: Paula B. Green Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

Caleb Duerkop: Scott Foltz Memorial Scholarship - $500

Reagan Allgood: Suddenlink Communications Scholarship I - $1,000

Coleman McAtee: Suddenlink Communications Scholarship II - $1,000

Justin Tune: Thomas Family Scholarship I - $1,000

Sarah Bettis: Thomas Family Scholarship II - $1,000

Marlie Allgood: TopCon Marketing Communications Scholarship - $1,000

Ryan Wilson: Violet Poage Scholarship - $1,000

Samantha Gray: Warren and Sandra Knight Scholarship - $1,000

Jordan Wurl: Woodlawn Ranch, Mike and Dawn Verkler Scholarship - $1,000

Monica Eanes: Class of 1980 - $1,000

Hannah Holetz: Cabot Civitan Club - $500

Jacob Vaughan: Meliora - $600

Angela Eden: Will Feland Scholarship - $1,000

Jordan Miller: Nancy High Westlake - $1,000

Katelynd Wise: Cabot Public Schools Board of Education Scholarship - $1,000

Ellen McKinnie: Thurman Family Scholarship - $1,000

Cabot District Employees Academic Scholarship - $1,300: Darla Roberts, Lane Tarvin, Jordan Adams, Taylor Bitely, Daniel Atherton, Samuel Atherton, Alec Ramirez, Letha Pfalser, Adam Hicks, Nicholas Chudy, Jessica Souza, Garrett Rhea, Joshua Cook, Kendall Gibson, Madison Hamp.

Cabot Panther Education Foundation Scholarship - $1,000:

Jaden George, Trevor Reed, Brandon Sheets, Brittany Lund, Kaitlyn Pitman.

Cabot District Employees Vocational Scholarship - $1,100: Kylee Sims, Hannah Hanshaw.

Power Panther - $1,000: Amanda Brucks, Zachary Harrington, Nicholas Hoffman, Blake Lauderdale, Jeremiah Penner.

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