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Farmers’ plight in 1963

Editor’s Note: John Dock was a regular feature in the newspaper 50 years ago. It is a satirical view from the time. This column appeared in the May 30, 1963, edition.

Well, we done had a wheat referendum. Or maybe I should say Secretary Freeman and President Kennedy done had a wheat referendum, ‘cause they got it right back in their laps.

You know, politicians is funny folks. When they win a election, they go to talking about a “mandate” from the people, but when they lose, there aint much talk about “mandates.”

Now the President and Mr. Freeman said that the people had made their choice-they voted for no controls at all, and that there wasn’t no sense in trying to come up with any other program –- just let them have no control for awhile! That reminds me of two kids taking their paper dolls and going home ‘cause things aint going to suit them.

Ever since 1941 the farmers have been voting for some sort of price support and control. What the farmers did this time was to say, “We’d rather have no control than complete federal control.”

It looks to me like THE ONLY CHANCE they had was between dictatorial control and freedom, and I aint surprised at which they took. And I’ll just betcha that if they’d been offered a middle ground of moderate support and control, they’d’ve voted for it.

You don’t go around asking the American people to choose between federal control and freedom-you might be able to slip ‘em a little federal control on the sly, and sometimes you can ram it down their throats with troops and get away with it-but you better not ask ‘em to vote for itthey’re bigger folks than that.

To my way of thinking, old JFK and Orville better get busy and come up with a good program cause the farmers expect them to do what’s best for the country, even if it doesn’t give them exactly What they want!

— John Dock

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