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“God’s Precious Gift”

Of all the gifts that are given in life,

There’s one that excels them all—

A gift that’s more precious than silver and gold

Or other gifts that we might one day recall.

Each one of us receives this gift

The moment we are born;

Although they vary in shape and size,

It’s one that we never should scorn.

“What is this precious gift?”

Asks one with a perplexed, puzzled face.

“Why it’s your mother who gave you life

And held you at birth with a tender embrace.”

Yes, a mother is a precious gift from God,

Who carries you nine months in her womb;

She’ll nurture you from the time you’re born

And love you through life until the tomb.

She rises early to give you food

And encourages you when you’re sad.

She never stops until the job is done,

Even though weary or sometimes mad.

When we fall down and scrape our knee

She kisses it to make it well;

It seems there’s healing in her lips

In a way a doctor cannot tell.

During times when we’re lonely,

She holds us and sings a comforting song;

Even when we err or stray away,

She’ll still love us though we’re wrong.

That’s why a mother is life’s most precious Gift,

Given from God up above;

Through her we learn that He also longs

To show us His redeeming Love.

So let us give thanks to the Lord up above

For our mothers who love us so;

May we always respect them in all we do,

For a mother’s love is the best on earth we’ll ever know.

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