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Lonoke County marriage licenses June 8-14, 2012:

Craig A Harris, 39, of Lonoke to Charlotte Elaine Wallace, 37, of Lonoke;

Christopher M Branam, 37, of Cabot to Kari Joline Nixon, 37, of Bald Knob;

Joseph Matthew Speer, 49, of Cabot to Holly Suzann Lackie, 39, of Cabot;

Joshua Robert Chaplin, 21, of Gravel Ridge to Jessie Marie Berry, 22, of Gravel Ridge;

Verne Cornell Hayes, 57, of Little Rock to Joyce Marie Walker, 58, of Little Rock;

Matthew Felix Melder, 23, of Ward to Meghan Leighann Kirby, 22, of Ward;

Matthew Jacob Yielding, 27, of Cabot to Elizabeth Mae Willen, 22, of Heber Springs;

Gary Clinton Rochester, 34, of Benton to Melissa Ann Mathis, 31, of Lonoke.

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