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Pilgrim reflections | ‘America the Beautiful’

From childhood we sing the songs

That celebrate our nation:

Her birth, her freedoms and her dreams

That so often have defied imagination.

No other nation on this earth

Enjoy the freedoms that we cherish;

Yet we must always guard them well

Lest they be lost and we perish.

From sea to shining sea

And across fields of golden grain,

America’s the home of the free and the brave,

Where freedom should never be discarded or disdained.

At times her flag has been tattered

By the shots from enemies’ guns;

But still she flies high in the midst of it all

Because of the freedoms that have been won.

Freedom to choose what’s best in life,

That champions equality for all;

But never should we forget just what it cost

Or on God’s Name to always call.

Yes, we still are one nation under God

And in Him we still do trust—

For woe unto us if we ever forget;

Yea, depend on Him we must!

Even during our darkest days

When troubles were all around,

We knew what to do and called on God

And, bowed our knees to the ground.

If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground and die,

Without our Creator’s knowing,

It’s impossible for a nation to rise up and prosper

Without knowing with Whom we’re going.

Therefore, today’s the time we must humble ourselves

And pray with heartfelt prayer;

We must seek God’s Face and repent from our sins

If we’re to know He’s still there.

America’s still the most beautiful on earth,

So blessed by God up above;

Let us, therefore, preserve the freedoms we enjoy

By surrendering our Lives to Him in love.

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