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CHS presents ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

<p>Mark Buffalo</p><p>Cast members of the &amp;#8220;Little Shop of Horrors&amp;#8221; wave to the crowd during the Cabot High School homecoming parade Friday afternoon.</p>Buy Photo

Mark Buffalo

Cast members of the &#8220;Little Shop of Horrors&#8221; wave to the crowd during the Cabot High School homecoming parade Friday afternoon.

The grand opening of the newly renovated Cabot High School Theater will present “Little Shop of Horrors,” which transforms the stage to the skid row slums of New York City in September 1960. We are introduced to Mushnik’s Flower Shop by a glamorous doo wop-singing Greek chorus (Bailey Moses, Jade Gibbs, Charl Young, Jeni Fuller, Emily Freeman).

Mr. Mushnik (Jacob Crowder) is struggling financially in his flower shop, and both of his employees, nerdy Seymour Krelborn (Skylar Bartlett) and the beautiful but ditzy Audrey (Victoria Eckert), separately dream of escaping their hopeless poverty. Seymour displays a “strange and interesting” plant to attract customers which names the plant “Audrey II” after Audrey, who he is secretly in love with.

Unfortunately, Audrey is dating the not so nice dentist (Madison McGregor). After a surprising turn of events the audience is able to witness the plant’s overwhelming growth which takes over the shop.

Don’t miss a larger than life musical with 72 cast members, 24 backstage crew, and a live orchestra. Tickets are $7 general admission and can be purchased at the box office in the lobby or at the CHS office. The box office number is 501-259-1305. Performance dates are Thursday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 7 p.m.


Seymour -Skylar Bartlett, Audrey-Victoria Eckert, Mr. Mushnik-Jacob Crowder, Orin-Madison McGregor, Voice of the Plant -Payton Collier, Doo Wop Girls-Jeni Fuller, Bailey Moses, Jade Gibbs, Emily Freeman, Charl Young.

NBC girls-Savannah Woods, Riley Hofer, Alison Kaseberg, NBC Interviewer-Tanner Johnson, Mrs. Luce- Lexi Cunningham, Bernstein-Ryan Stephens, Snip the Talent Agent-Trent Blankenship, Mrs. Martin-Alison Kaseberg, Customers #1-Riley Hoffer/Kolby Cole, Customers #2-Lara Beth Gore/Kirsten Cagle, Lauren Worth, “Downtown” Featured Singers/Dancers-Lara Beth Gore, Alison Kaseberg, Savannah Woods, Riley Hoffer, Judith Beckham, Amber Klein, Kasie Follett, Anna Kay Everett, Haeden Waymack, Tanner Johnson, Ryan Stephens, Kolby Cole, Trent Blankenship, “Meek Shall Inherit” Featured Singers-Lara Beth Gore, Mary Powell, Anna Kay Everett, Lauren Worth, Kirsten Cagle, Terri Veatch, Victoria Wilson, Ryan Stephens, Kolby Cole, Tanner Johnson.

Skid Row Characters-Linda Copeland, Rhiannon Epley, Lauren Gilbert, Brooke Rowland, Cally Males, Matthew Lemaster, Victoria Stanislaski, Tyler Faust, Tracy Tyler, Allyson Green, Presleigh Reaves, Samantha Shaw, Jada Davis, DeYauni Akins, Haley Campbell, Victoria Wilson, Terri Veatch, Lauren Morris, Tristan Bulice, Brittney Davis, Lauren Kerr, Courtney Lewis, Sam Hinson, Kayla Looney, McKenzie Marks, Bailey Meador, Raven Lurz, Brett Frazier, Brady Smith, Daniel Brathwaite, Jake Ferguson, Tyler Hill, Katie Foust, Emma Galvez, Michael Gilstrap, Michael Graham, Payton Petritsch, Cody Pugh, Ashton Williams, Jay King, Crystal Rudy, Logan Melder.


Stage Manager Right: Becca Ellerbee, Stage Manager Left: Kenzie Blanchard, Sound Board: Zac Winter, Mics Backstage: Katelyn Etheredge, Light Board: Morgan Rhodes, Followspot: Sydney Woodson, Followspot: Destiny Niles, Set Captains: Cody Jeter, Clayton Rogers, Puppeteers: Robbie Everetts, Baylee Skeel, Rachel Henard, Running Crew: Hailey Washam, Heather Weth, Ashley Harmon, Katelyn Etheredge, T.J. Baker, Tori Torres, Baylee Skeel, Rachel Henard, Robbie Everetts

Set/Painting Crew Stagecraft II & III: Hunter Bennett, Cody Evans, Robbie Everetts, Cody Jeter, Gabby Jones, Destiny Niles, Morgan Rhodes, T.J. Baker, Kenzie Blanchard, Becca Ellerbee, Katelyn Etheredge, Ashley Harmon, Rachel Henard, Jace Jennings, Jordan Lawson, Carol Light, Tyler Lucas, Kayla Moomey, Sydney Palmer, Allison Richesin, Clayton Rogers, Baylee Skeel, Brandon Smith, Alexis Sturgeon, Tori Torres, Hailey Washam, Allison Weir, Heather Weth, Zac Winter, Sydney Woodson.


Director-Ashley Tarvin, Technical Director–Gwen Brooks, Musical Director–Chuck Massey, Assistant Director–Lynley Vire

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